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Getting IATF 16949 Certified in Vinton, Virginia (VA)

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The IATF standard establishes the requirements for a QMS in the automotive industry. The primary focus of this standard is developing quality management systems that enable continual improvement and emphasize the reduction of waste and variation in the supply chain and defect prevention. When you combine this standard with the pertinent customer-specific requirements, it will define the quality management system guidelines for automotive accessory parts, production, and service.

The IATF standard is fully independent but it is fully aligned with the requirements and structure of ISO 9001: 2015. Therefore, you cannot implement IATF independently as a stand-alone document. You have to implement it as a supplement in line with ISO 9001.

IATF-16949-Certified-ISO-9001-vinton va

The IATF 16949 standard provides organizations and companies with tools and guidance to help them produce goods that meet the expectations of their customers consistently. It also makes sure that customer satisfaction and quality are improved consistently. The IATF 16949 standard is supplemental and it is used in conjunction with ISO 9001, ISO 9000, ISO 900, ISO 19011, and ISO 31000.

IATF 16949 describes the criteria for the automotive-based QMS and its goal is getting third-party registration. Any supplier, whether small or large, can use ISO 16949 and you need to apply it throughout the supply chain of the automotive industry.

There are more than 65,000 suppliers all over the world that are currently using this standard. The supplier must meet all the requirements of IATF unless the functions that he offers are not related to product design. It has generic requirements that are supposed to be applied by all suppliers who offer, production, design and development, assembly, services, and installation of automotive-related products. This also includes products that have embedded software.

This standard is based on 7 principles of quality management. These include relationship management, evidence-based decision making, improvement, process approach, engagement of people, leadership, and customer focus.

Is IATF 16949 Important

There are several ways in which IATF 16949 can benefit your organization. It makes sure that customers are getting consistent and high-quality products and services. This, in turn, brings so many benefits to your organization. IATF is a requirement if you want to;

  • Demonstrate your ability to provide products that meet the applicable product safety, regulatory, statutory, and customer requirements.
  • Improve processes to help improve the system
  • Increase customer satisfaction by effectively applying the system
  • Work more efficiently to increase efficiency and productivity and bring down your internal costs
  • Increase customer loyalty, get repeat customers, increase business and add new customers
  • State objectives clearly and identify new opportunities for business
  • Define the overall context of who are affected and their expectations
  • Put your clients first by ensuring consistency and increased satisfaction
  • Expand into new markets because some customers and clients look for IATF certification before you can do business with them.
  • Identifying and addressing risks that are linked with your company
  • Become socially responsible by documenting and implementing your corporate social responsibility policies.

IATF compliance is basically done at any time but it is mainly done when customers specify it as a requirement in their contract. It is also ideal when you want to improve on customer satisfaction and your products. To get the best from this process in Vinton, Virginia (VA), all you need to do is seek help from IQC The ISO Pros.

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