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AS9100 is an aerospace standard (AS) that the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) released based on the ISO 9001 standard. When creating this standard, IAQG included representatives from aerospace companies all over the world. Both ISO 9001 and AS9100 are standards that have requirements for implementing a QMS in the organization. However, AS9100 has been modified for defense, space, and aviation organizations. Therefore, AS9100 is a set of requirements for implementing a QMS for use among the defense, aviation, and space organizations.

AS9100-Certified-ISO-9001-vinton va

Is AS9100 Important

The aerospace group has specific requirements that you need to put into account. The quality management system should also incorporate these crucial elements. AS9100 is specifically designed for aerospace suppliers. Customers will want to know whether you are taking the necessary steps to meet these requirements that are unique to the aerospace industry. They also want to know whether you are putting in an effort to improve to increase customer satisfaction, improve the quality of products and services, and implement a QMS that is in line with the requirements of the AS9100 standard. When you manage, control, and audit your own processes, customers will know that all is well with your products. The confidence is even higher because AS9100 expects you to get an outside certification body to check whether your QMS meets the industry standards.

Because AS9100 is an international standard for the quality management of the aerospace industry, it is based on the 7 quality management principles that a QMS needs to work well. All the certified companies are included in the OASIS (Online Aerospace Supplier Information System) that is maintained by IAQG. It is a searchable database that any company that is looking for surveillance or supplier section within the aerospace industry can access. It has information about all the companies together with contact information for the purposes of purchasing. Since industries use OASIS to get suppliers, it is like a marketing tool that you get for free. It is extensively used within the aerospace industry.

AS9100 Audit

AS9100 audit is a crucial component of the QMS process. Auditors collect evidence about what is taking place in your processes and compare it with the planned arrangement for the process. The intention of these audits is to verify conformity or whether the actual activities match the planned ones. In case the processes are not taking place as planned, it is clearly identified. Auditors review the relevant documents, observe, and carry out interviews in order to collect the evidence that they need. It is among the specialization areas for IQC The ISO Pros.

The organization can hire internal auditors and can hire internal auditors to carry out this exercise and report back to the management. It should tell how well your business processes perform against the AS9100 standards. Other companies prefer to hire independent 3rd party ISO certification auditors to compare their business processes against the set standards. If you meet the standards, these experts will issue an AS9100 certification to your company.

Both certification auditors and internal auditors need training in AS9100 to learn and demonstrate the relevant knowledge and skills that they require to audit the management system. The best experts for this purpose in Vinton, Virginia are IQC The ISO Pros.

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